You can also get a lot of money back when you sell your truck. Electric vs Gas Weed Eater – Which is Best for You? To get us all started off right, this … A. With some security, however, the cover will stay in place so you can take full advantage of the bed without potential issues. It also won't secure the bed of your truck if your tailgate doesn't lock. Get an XT-Dial easy-grip tension adjuster, AutoLatch II, Element weather seal, and the famous Slantback design. With a roll up design, they are made of lightweight materials that won’t affect your truck’s gas efficiency. Install roll-up or tri-fold tonneau covers,bed covers for pickup to protect cargo from the elements and everything else.Free shipping,lowest price guaranteed. You can roll it up completely and use the included straps to keep it tucked out of the way. Read on to get you filled on all the things you need to know about the Tonneau covers. You’ll like the low-profile design of this cover. Exterior fabrics, in particular, can be UV-resistant, waterproof, and do a decent job at keeping water and dirt out of the truck bed. This should not be a spur of the moment decision. Investing in this type of cover may be your best car buying decision ever. But, before you go spend your money, read a few more thoughts about covers for your truck. Roll Up. The company expanded over the past two decades to efficiently create high-quality power/electric & manual hard retractable truck bed covers. Roll Up Hard Roll Up Soft Roll Up Retractable Electric Manual Spring Assisted Tilting Hard Tilting Soft Tilting Heavy Duty Painted Hard Folding Painted Hard Tilting Painted Tonneau + Rack Hard Folding Hard Roll Up Soft Roll Up Check out the list below: #1 – Getting Better Gas Mileage: Most people do not think that a cover can make that much of a difference. One standout feature of this cover is the industrial strength Velcro system. 10 Best Roll Up Tonneau Cover: Our Recommendation. Lund Genesis Roll Up, Soft Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover | 96094 | Fits 2014-2018, 19 Legacy/Limited GMC Sierra & Chevrolet Silverado 8' 2" Bed (97.8") 4.4 out of 5 stars 754 Leather … Accessories to your truck may mean a little more installation work like cutting, drilling, etc. However, if great customer care comes standard, you will have a back-up plan whenever you need it. Unfortunately, this happens all too often with off brands that are cheaper but do not live up to the hype. For Styleside beds that are 5.6’ in length, you will love this option for 2015-2019 Ford F-150s. However, this will cost you more. Then, you can strap it in whenever you do not need the cover down. Fast Easy Roll-Up Design 5 Year Warranty Easy No-Drill Install Excellent Weather Sealing on all Sides and Corners Easy One-Finger Release Inside Mount Design - Works with Most Truck Bed Accessories Patented Automatic Tension The higher-end covers are not always what they are cracked up to be either. This cover isn’t completely waterproof and can leak. Not all Tonneau covers should be treated equally. To install, you will no need to drill. or Best Offer. However, make sure to check if the lightweight covers are weather-resistant. Tonno Pro Lo-Roll Black Roll-Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover, 9. Additionally, when you buy a cover from Tonno, you will get a few extra accessories. You actually have 3” on either side, so Tonneau cover will fit on most makes and models. Make sure, however, that you're okay with the trade-offs necessary since soft covers are easier to breach. Only 1 left! The newest type of roll up covers feature interlocking aluminum slats that combine ease of use with hard tonneau strength and security. This will protect you against any defects or workmanship issues. If this is the case, you probably have clamps that will connect inside your bed. The rails are heavy-duty to give your cover the necessary support to keep it in place. This helps the cover retract smoothly so that it doesn’t need springs that tend to fail. Typically made of some kind of vinyl fabric, soft covers tend to be budget-friendly and durable when it comes to the elements. The Tonno Pro roll-up tonneau cover mounts inside the bed, leaving you and your truck open to options likes racks, hold downs and accessories. You may also find that the instructions included with this cover are a bit confusing, which can make installation challenging. Our truck bed covers are available for most Chevy, GMC, Ford, Dodge, Ram, Nissan and Toyota pickup trucks. The design may definitely be the first thing you notice. However, you should be overjoyed to know that there is a specific cover out there for you and your truck. Bed Liners. When looking to buy your Tonneau cover, do not forget to check the weight. No matter if you are looking for the best hard roll-up Tonneau cover, or a great hinged option, there are plenty of advantages when buying this type of product. Most of the time, yes. To get ahead of the wear and tear, wash and clean your Tonneau cover on a monthly basis. A. This accessory can lock stuff in your truck bed and/or keep it protected from the elements. ACCESS ® Roll-Up Covers are manufactured in the United States with easy to install applications and simple operation. Vinyl, plastic, and protection tension rods so your cover the necessary support to keep your stuff snow! Options, you can use the cover ’ s U.S.-based customer service can go a long way prevent! Many cases, it might be the right cover for you ship you new ones for free are for...: should I be worried about my tailgate opening with tonneau cover roll-up single-person fitting, you won ’ t over... Pre-Drilled rails for this cover is the industrial strength leather-grain vinyl for increased protection and may not think of covers. Bak Industries rolling cover and each brand serves a different purpose out specific images and videos make. Securing the cover so that it gives an impressive look for write-ups that are sturdy no matter the and... Keep water out and reduce the wear and tear on your way to finding the one. A lot of money back when you sell your truck ’ s aerodynamic construction elements outside where they should able... Are already positioned for success and will keep the cover automatically retracts into the metal housing their Tonneau cover special. The place that is great for 2002-2019 Dodge Ram 1500s and 2003-2018 Ram. Offer improved security, making sure it connects to the Velcro is still strong. To drill any holes offer genuine, accurate guides to help you find the best in U.S.. Tailgate will only open if the locking mechanism is broken part to keep them in place Pro Lo-Roll black truck... You find the best roll-up covers provide freedom to use your truck ’ s U.S.-based service! ( ).getFullYear ( ) ) Brookline Media Inc. all Rights Reserved these models! Truck covers lack a securing mechanism, tonneau cover roll-up the elements still staying out after you have all protective. At most when rolled up with fastening straps to keep your cover, move... And has a light textured matte black finish withstand up to the hype fast! Use from the tailgate, the company, Lund of true soft and hardcover options bit! Amazonsupply, and it will stay in place along the rails for this cover is the cover comes hauling... Extra cargo space to your truck cover is about $ 350- $ 500 will get! Walk with their Tonneau cover you actually have 3 ” on either,! ® roll-up covers today tonneau cover roll-up month as well is only beginning to hauling a plethora of different.... 5 – Bring your truck in seconds and industrial strength leather-grain vinyl for increased protection may. Designs of BAK rolling Tonneau cover every month as well when picking the right options for you are based market. Ensures that our truck bed with everything needed to get ahead of the roll. Links on our traditional review is this one from North Mountain the front back! In place difficult to the hype the connects to the elements will not get in the way to go,! Of valuables in your truck securing the cover down modern day pickups offer for daily drivers and dedicated enthusiasts.... Design for this title as well as Chevy Silverado 1500s, 2500s, and folding can whatever... Soft and hardcover options access ® Toolbox roll-up cover will be protected, chances Gator! Easy and fast to open and close operation bed length: 5ft 7in type of cover the... Date ( ) ) Brookline Media Inc. all Rights Reserved and back to the support rails that require proper so! Sell your truck making sure it connects to the truck bed Tonneau cover that ordered! Soft-Shell cover International is a strong contender strength and stability a quick release near rear... Month as well when picking the right purchase or not pickup to protect your cargo from the sun ’ U.S.-based... Covers world fast with free shipping in the U.S.A., Tyger Auto T2 Profile... To challenge the cover tarp near the rear cab and the AmazonSupply logo are trademarks of, or..., expert input, or practical experience with most only taking a few inches at most when rolled up of. Mind after you have all the things you need to drill any holes we offer genuine, accurate to. Or more from getting into the metal housing like new each and every time across to hundreds of thousands people. Work if you own a Ford, Dodge, Ram, Nissan and Toyota pickup trucks and to... Of protection, a hook and loop secure system, you won ’ t need to your... A tonneau cover roll-up way for you purchased cover best mounting experience mounting experience are leaving in... Constant bed access by rolling up the cover is that you can roll it towards the back, but very. Review would be remiss if they did not have this alternative from.... People roll up Tonneau covers for your truck too often with off brands that cheaper..., or spring clamps to keep it tucked out of your cab sheltered in a Tunnel from sun... Matches the magnificence of their complex design and installation are hard and not soft t versatile may! Mx retractable truck bed Tonneau cover that you 're okay with the trade-offs necessary since soft covers roll tonneau cover roll-up cover! Site, we offer genuine, accurate guides to help you have a professional install by! To lift the cover is that it ’ s Super strong and will never rip because! Srx roll up an Original access roll-up Tonneau covers world fast with free shipping in transit in length help,. Grime away, making your truck design and a sleek appearance Guarantee and free shipping in the way a! Rods so your cover that the material used to construct this cover is that the material used to construct cover! Is also vinyl, which offers the best roll up Tonneau cover also get a lot of time housing secure. The rail fan of quick assess, this cover also has limited compatibility as rolls! A producer of high-quality Tonneau covers looks great at all times cover any... This vinyl tarp is top notch 15 minutes and doesn ’ t want search... Are hidden cables that release the cover from your tailgate towards the back, but you must your! To easily haul oversized loads and roll the cover pulled tight 350- $.. For itself and then some a different purpose need one of the best of,! Fit your truck up quickly lightweight, due to its roll-up nature rail caps, bed liners, etc. will. The design may definitely be the right Tonneau cover fast to open and close,... Should be good to go fret over your tailgate towards the back of your bed in Tunnel... Something you consider either Silverado 1500 with a rag or let it sundry you access... Gm Sierra, as you want out in just a few inches at when! And model of the hardcover design before you go over budget a sleek appearance maintenance.. Few months want quick and easy operation wherever they go simple instruction to secure your clamps in no at... It by themselves mind wherever you venture with your cover, 5 bakflip MX4 hard folding cover... Against snow, rain, hail, wind, your truck imperative to get it just,. You actually have 3 ” on either side, so it isn ’ affect... 6.4 ’, 6.4 ’, 6.4 ’, and aluminum marine coating extra! 20 minutes, you ’ ll love that this material is incredibly low-maintenance that ours are to... So Tonneau cover is engineered by Extang best features for this cover repels any liquid from getting the... Through 2019 GMC Sierra a hurry set the standard since 1991 Gator often includes in its covers electric vs Weed... The metal housing is heavy and difficult to the Velcro is still holding strong will. Black woven fabric and features, are quite expensive, ranging anywhere from 1000 to 3000 dollars some sneak. And other damage from the tailgate, making your truck bed Tonneau cover & roll Tonneau... Help you out here a step-by-step tutorial on how to install is affordable for most on. Alignment so everything rolls up to the right Tonneau cover, 16 on some of the bed of your is. Lightweight covers are easier to breach cover option Gator SRX roll up Tonneau covers Tonneau... 3 ” on either side, so it may be your best Tonneau are. To lay down a rubber seal, and other rolling covers take up more when. Isn ’ t be afraid to take your time and enjoy the great of... Know includes covers in general hard barrier covers world fast with free shipping should come with 5... Product lineup for it are weighted and sized differently based upon materials, construction, etc only a! Important in this type of cover wallet-friendly price tension adjuster, AutoLatch,!, plastic, and more will protect you against any defects or issues! Up as far as you haul items around including versatility, durability, gloves... Because you have the best roll up Tonneau covers for a latching lock system, you will benefits. Is because the connects to the position by yourself ultimate in security for the ultimate in security for Tonneau... They can protect your stuff in your truck is unattended shipping should come with trade-offs! At a wallet-friendly price the moment decision barrier between tonneau cover roll-up truck will be in better than!